Tipptex BS80

Separation Filtration Protection Drainage Erosion control

Among the functions of Tipptex geotextiles is the function separation. The process of preventing two dissimilar materials from intermixing.

Filtration is probably the oldest and most well known function of geotextiles. Discover which Tipptex products fulfill this function.

During the installation or after the completion of a particular construction project, mechanical damage can occur. To prevent this damage, protective geotextiles can be used. Take a look at which geotextiles we offer.

Drainage is another one of the many functions of Tipptex geotextiles. When functioning as a drain, the geotextile acts as a conduit for the movement of liquids or gasses in the plane of the geotextile.

To protect soil from erosion during construction works and the preservation of nature, Tipptex geotextiles can be of use. They protect soil against multiple kinds of erosion.