Thermal treated nonwoven

Thermal treated nonwoven

Thermal treated nonwoven


Tipptex thermal treated nonwovens are a range of needle punched and thermally bonded geotextiles that offer the highest levels of engineering performance and quality standards. The thermal treated nonwoven range is used in various applications including site access roads, hard standings, road and railways, drainage blankets and car parks.

The hydraulic properties of Tipptex thermal treated nonwovens stimulate the build-up of a natural soil filter in the adjoining soil to ensure long term filtration stability.

The thermal treated nonwoven geotextiles lend valuable qualities to numerous groundwork construction applications. In railtrack maintenance for example, the thermal treated nonwoven minimises potential track failure which can be caused by pumping (ie the upward movement of fine particles from the underlying formation into the ballast).

Technical details

Tipptex thermal treated nonwoven are a range of 100% virgin polypropylene needle punched and thermally bonded nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles.

  • CBR puncture strengths up to 19 kN
  • Uniform tensile strengths in all directions throughout the length and width of every roll up to 90 kN per metre width
  • Available in weights up to 1400 g/m²
  • Available in rolls of 5.25 m or other widths to order
  • Standard roll length 100 m



Application areas:

  • Site access roads
  • Hardstandings
  • New roadways
  • Car parks
  • Industrial units
  • Railways
  • French drains
  • Granular drainage blankets

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to offer optimum performance per unit weight
  • Thermal and mechanical bonding process ensures superior performance at lower weight
  • The product enables water flow normal to the plane which is usually several times greater than that required by the design
  • A range of consistent aperture sizes to accommodate different soils
  • Excellent mechanical robustness and hydraulic properties
  • Significant reduction of carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional methods

How our products are used

Tipptex treated nonwoven used for filtration
Treated nonwoven for separation on railway
Tipptex geotextiles used for industrial site
Tipptex treated nonwoven BS 10 used on roadway