About Tipptex

Tipptex geotextiles

About Tipptex

Tipptex non-woven geotextiles

Tipptex is a Low & Bonar product brand of geosynthetics which offers a large range of nonwoven geotextiles produced from polypropylene. Tipptex is widely used in Civil Engineering for separation, filtration, drainage and/or protection.

Main capabilities

A large number of available product types meet the individual project or application needs in terms of tensile strength, density, mechanical properties and water permeability. With Tipptex, Low & Bonar is a reliable supplier of qualitative geosynthetics, available for on-time delivery, fulfilling the needs of our customers for more than 30 years.


Low & Bonar is committed to produce materials that meet high quality standards at a constant level.

All our manufacturing sites are equipped with fully operational on-site quality control labs. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to allow testing of our Tipptex geotextiles according to the relevant international test standards (EN, ISO, ASTM).

Low & Bonar has obtained several product certificates for their geotextiles, in order to fulfil requirements specific countries might lay down for geotextiles such as:
• Asqual
• Norgeospec

Copies of certificates for relevant products or production locations can also be provided.